About Duratech Power Equipment

Selling Self Propelled or Self Push Honda engined Lawnmowers, Powerful 2 stroke and 4 stroke Brushcutters, Powerful 2 stroke Chainsaws and industry leading 2 stroke and 4 stroke Water and Fire Pumps

The Brand

Duratech Power Equipment has been established as an Australian owned brand to provide consumers with a new and exciting option when buying lawnmowers and power equipment. Duratech Power Equipment emerged to fill a niche in the power equipment market that was identified between the glut of poor quality machines and the high profile German and Japanese brands.

The Duratech Power Equipment brand represents quality, innovation and fun. Duratech aims to make your experience with power equipment one which you will enjoy by providing machinery that is easy to start, robust, durable and technically advanced, at a price that is positioned well below the established high profile brands but offering comparable quality. Duratech Power Equipment has the advantage that it has been developed specifically to suit tough Australian working conditions. The brand embraces the concept that you will “Have Fun Getting The Job Done” using Duratech Power Equipment.

The Vision

Our vision is to see Duratech Power Equipment in every Australian backyard. Duratech Power Equipment gives you a range of machines to make your life easier.

We would like every Australian family to seriously consider a Duratech Power Equipment machine when the time comes to buy power equipment.

Duratech Power Equipment has the unlimited potential to become Australia’s favourite brand in power equipment.

Why Australia Needs Duratech Power Equipment

Did you know that nearly all Duratech’s main competitors including some that are identifiably Australian are now owned by U.S based or International Interests…We didn’t think you did.

Duratech is wholly Australian owned and operated and that means that our profits stay here in Australia.

Australia needs its own high quality power equipment brand that offers exceptional value for money. At the moment the market is flooded by overseas brands and Duratech Power Equipment aims to provide a viable solution for people that are looking for great quality at a great price from an Australian owned enterprise.

Duratech Power Equipment does not claim to manufacture all our components or machines in Australia. We have utilised the international market and international facilities to provide a product that is internationally competitive. We can however claim that we have engineered our machines uniquely for Australian Conditions and for what we see as Australian consumer requirements.

Duratech Power Equipment stands by the quality of its products, which is why we offer such a comprehensive warranty to give you peace of mind. For example we have used Honda engines on many of our machines that are produced in Honda’s overseas engine manufacturing facilities (see http://world.honda.com/link/) in order to bring you the absolute highest level of engineering quality but at significantly lower prices than previously available and all from an Australian owned enterprise. It’s a win win situation for all involved, but especially for the consumer!