Duratech DRB36 Allrounder


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Buy a Duratech DRB36 Allrounder Brushcutter today

Buy a Duratech DRB36 Allrounder Brushcutter today


Specification Chart

Model Code DRB36
User Rural and Domestic
Type Handle Bars and Harness
Engine Model HS38F 4 stroke
Engine Displacement 37.7cc
Power Output 1.3 hp @ 7000rpm
Torque Output 1.2 ft-lb @55000rpm
Length 1820mm
Fuel Capacity 0.65L
Fuel Type Unleaded

Industry Price Guide

A compact 4 stroke technology Brushcutter under $350! They said it couldn’t be done! Duratech DRB36 Allrounder - Have Fun Getting The Job Done.

Product Description

The DRB36 Allrounder is ideal for anyone that may have a large yard, weekender, hobby farm, or for anyone that just wants 4 stroke engine convenience at a fantastic price. That’s right, this machine uses a 4 stroke engine meaning that it will operate on standard unleaded fuel without requiring pre-mix. The DRB36 is a fantastic Allrounder and will achieve optimum results for the operator in all conditions.

DRB36 uses our own 37.7cc mini 4 stroke engine. The engine employs similar mini 4 stroke technology to that found in the Honda GX35 as fitted to the DRB35 Commercial however this engine is made by our factory and hence is offered at a much lower price than the Honda alternative. Our 37.7cc mini 4 stroke engine offers all the same advantages as the genuine Honda GX35 mini 4 stroke engine, however Duratech's version has a slight engine capacity advantage. Forget your old troublesome 2 stroke brushcutter, this machine is quieter, smoother, more durable, easier to start, more economical, and much more convenient given that there is no pre mixing of fuel. The 37.7cc mini 4 stroke engine is coupled to Duratech's new "Commercial Use" shaft and gearbox assembly as also seen on the Duratech DRB35 Commercial model. The new shaft and gearbox assembly has been developed and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure longevity in Australian conditions. There is no better machine on the market for the money, than a Duratech DRB36.

DRB36 also uses 3mm commercial grade nylon chord. The bump feed cutting head has been manufactured specifically so that it can utilise the heavier guage chord. This means that you can cut more without constantly renewing the nylon. It gives you the ability to cut longer thicker grass whilst using less chord.

DRB36 comes fitted with either the new ergonomic offset style U Handle Bar and Harness or conventional D Loop handle. The choice is yours and depends on your usage requirements. There is no additional cost either way.

A new benchmark in value for money has been set, throw that old 2 stroke nightmare away and "Have Fun Getting the Job Done"




12 months engine + 12 months clutch + 12 months shaft construction

See Warranty and Spares for details.