Duratech Commander D362 (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)


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Buy a Duratech Commander D362 Chainsaw today

Buy a Duratech Commander D362 Chainsaw today


Specification Chart

Model Code D362
User Domestic
Engine Model Duratech 3600T 2 Stroke
Engine Displacement 36cc
Power Output 1.6kw/2.1 hp @ 13000rpm
Cutting Bar 305mm/12inch
Fuel Capacity 370mL
Fuel Type Unleaded 2 stroke 25:1
Dry Weight 4.6kg

Industry Price Guide

Why buy a pruning or electric saw for more money when you can have a light weight, compact, powerful and much more versatile chainsaw that will do everything you need for only $199!

Product Description

The Commander D362 is a genuine compact high performance chainsaw that is ideal for around the home. It will make pruning, preparing firewood and felling small trees a breeze. The D362 packs a whopping 2.1hp behind its 12inch cutting bar meaning that it has loads of power to spare when the going gets tough. The D362 is arguably the best performing 12inch saw on the market, without the added risks of power chords, or the possible event of a small saw jamming.

You will find the D362 to be a very well balanced, safe and powerful machine that will make those dreaded jobs around the home something that you might even enjoy!




12 month engine + 12 month clutch + 12 month cutting bar

See Warranty and Spares for details.