Duratech Commander D496


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Buy a Duratech Commander D496 Chainsaw today

Buy a Duratech Commander D496 Chainsaw today


Specification Chart

Model Code D496
User Rural and Commercial
Engine Model Duratech 4940T 2 Stroke
Engine Displacement 49.4cc
Power Output 2.4kw/3.2hp @ 13500rpm
Cutting Bar 406mm/16inch
Fuel Capacity 500mL
Fuel Type Unleaded 2 stroke 25:1
Dry Weight 4.8kg

Industry Price Guide

A German or Scandinavian Chainsaw with over 3hp will set you back at least $650.00. The Duratech Commander DD496 is a serious machine and at a recommended retail price of $349 it is also serious value. This machine is an unquestionable competitor to the big brands, with a powerhouse engine, robust construction and genuine Oregon chain, it will prove itself over and over again.

Product Description

The Commander D496 is all about big cutting performance. With over 3hp it is right up there in an elite category of Chainsaws traditionally dominated by the high profile brands. It is fitted with a 16 inch cutting bar and is well suited to heavy pruning, limbing, felling trees and cutting seasoned fire wood. The Commander D496 is fitted with a chain brake for maximum safety and meets Euro 2 certification requirements.

Whether at work, on the farm or at home the Commander D496 will command respect.

The D496 also employs special features such as easy push fuel primer, low vibration mountings and combined choke-stop control to make using the D496 a pleasurable experience.

When developing the D496, Duratech looked at other reputable machines that had done vast amounts of work and identified key areas of wear. The investigation identified the need for an aluminium sprocket cover (not plastic like some cheap alternatives) and a well constructed chain brake mechanism to ensure longevity during commercial use.

Duratech has provided the best value for money possible with the D496 even down to the fitment of a genuine Oregon chain and provision of a hard plastic carry case. We want you to consider the Commander series as an unquestionable alternative to the big names from Germany and Scandanavia. “Have Fun Getting The Job Done”




12 month engine + 12 month clutch + 12 month cutting bar

See Warranty and Spares for details.