What's the best Duratech machine for me

Choosing a Brushcutter

The Duratech Power Equipment range of Brushcutters consists of 4 models.

It is important to consider which Brushcutter best suits the requirements that you have. Considerations should focus on the amount of edging, clearing or line trimming you plan to do, and how long you are comfortable using the machine at any one time.

The more clearing or brushcutting that you need to do the more power you need and generally the longer you will be using the machine at any one time. If long periods of usage are required and less accurate cutting, the U Handle Bars with Harness comes into its own allowing you to go harder at it for longer.

If your planned usage consists of mainly line trimming, vertical edging, and general light brushcutting then a D Loop handle is the weapon of choice due to its greater flexibility. Although the D-Loop is easier to control, you will tire faster when using it as you are carrying the weight of the machine through your arms. Generally this is the most suitable choice for normal backyard use and is the most common choice for commercial contractors.

All our machines are designed to use professional gauge 3mm nylon chord so that you get maximum performance at all times.

For rural applications, the ultimate is without a doubt the "back-pack" mounted brushcutter. The "back-pack" evenly distributes the weight of the engine on your shoulders so that your arms and lower back can last much longer before needing a break. The flexible coupling means that you only need to carry the shaft and throttle giving you greater control and mobility, particularly when working under demanding conditions.

Our 4 models (click model for specifications) cater for 4 distinct usage requirements as follows:

DRB35 Commercial DRB35 is suited to anyone who wants the ultimate in quality. The DRB35 uses the cutting edge technology in the genuine Honda 35cc mini 4 stroke engine to provide a machine that can perform all day, day in and day out.

Advantages of a powerful 4 stroke Brushcutter over a large 2 stroke, is that a 4 stroke engine is quieter, smoother, easier to start and more economical. These features make it more convenient, especially given there is no pre mixing of fuel.

It is fitted with a D Loop handle as standard equipment to suit professional contractors in doing all types of work.

It is a real workhorse for the serious operator and offers incredible value for money.
DRB36 Allrounder DRB36 is ideal for those that may have large yards, weekenders, hobby farm or for anyone that just wants 4 stroke engine convenience at a fair price. DRB36 is a fantastic Allrounder for most applications.

DRB36 uses our own 37.7cc mini 4 stroke engine. The engine employs similar technology to the Honda GX35 as fitted to the DRB35 but is made by our factory and hence offered at a much lower price than the Honda alternative. Duratech's 37.7cc mini 4 stroke engine offers all the same advantagees over a large 2 stroke that the Honda engine does. It is quieter, smoother, durable, easy to start, economical and offers convenience given that there is no pre-mixing of fuel.

DRB36 comes fitted with either Handle Bars and Harness or the D Loop handle. The choice is yours and there is no additional cost either way.

A new benchmark in value for money has been set!
DRB26 Yardmaster DRB26 is a domestic use Brushcutter designed for use in the average backyard on a periodic basis. It is a lightweight machine that can be used easily by men and women for all work around your home.

The DRB26 uses our own 25.4cc high performance but lightweight 2 stroke engine. It is fitted with a D Loop handle and is our entry level Brushcutter.

The DRB26 uses commercial grade 3mm nylon cord and will surprise you with its impressive performance. Duratech has designed this machine to offer customers fantastic performance in a light weight package. We want you to be impressed every time you use it! It may be the lowest priced machine in our range but we promise you it will punch above its weight! This is not a cheap hardware store special, it's the real deal.
DRB50 Rural DRB50 is our heavy duty "back-pack" Brushcutter and is suited to anyone that may have a large amount of periodic clearing and seriuos brushcutting to do. It will cut through almost anything else you can find for it to destroy.

We do not recommend the DRB50 for urban use as it has been designed specifically as a rural clearing machine.

If you have acreage or scrub, commercial land, or a working farm and need a heavy hitter to control problems areas, then this is the weapon of choice.

The DRB50 uses a very powerful but light 2 stroke engine comprising 49cc high revving performance. The engine is closely related to those used in our chainsaw range and gives exceptional output for its weight. The flexible drive makes this a comfortable and easy to use machine giving you great mobility when working and better balance so that you can focus on your footing and the task at hand.

DRB50 Safety and comfort with big power for big jobs!