What's the best Duratech machine for me

Choosing a chainsaw

Duratech Power Equipment offer a range of 4 Chainsaws that have been designed for different usage requirements known as the Commander series. We have designed our Chainsaws to offer exceptional performance in compact and lightweight designs. The Duratech Commander Chainsaws will easily handle the majority of domestic and rural requirements.

The Duratech Commander series has been designed to be as easy and as safe as possible to operate. We do this by offering large reserves in performance so that the Chainsaw makes light work of cutting timber within the diameter of the cutting bar that is fitted to your machine.

The bigger the cutting bar the more dangerous the machine and the bigger and heavier it must be to provide the necessary performance to cut effectively. The bigger the machine the more difficult it is to operate. We see excessive numbers of under geared Chainsaws being sold by other brands that are regularly asked to cut timber far bigger than what the machine is easily capable of. In inexperienced hands this is an accident waiting to happen.

The Duratech Commander series is engineered to give customers a sensible cutting width mated to a powerful engine so that the machine does not struggle for power.

Many machines sold in the market place above 55cc capacity are too heavy for inexperienced users to handle safely. The heavier the machine the greater the effort on the user to operate it. In most cases a machine of this size is not required. Why would you buy a cumbersome machine with a cutting bar over 20 inches that is heavy and difficult to operator if you don’t need it? Why risk it?

It is important to remember that Chainsaws are dangerous machines. If you have minimal experience it is recommended that cutting a tree with a large trunk diameter should be done by a professional operator.

The key is to match the Chainsaw to your requirements, keep the chain sharp and you will be amazed at what a compact and powerful Duratech Commander series Chainsaw can do with ease.

Click model for specifications Commander D362 Commander D404 Commander D496 Commander D538
Easy Start Decompression     Yes Yes
Shrubs/small trees Yes Yes Yes Yes
Medium trees   Yes Yes Yes
Large trees       Yes
Seasoned firewood Yes Yes Yes Yes
Large Felled timber   Yes Yes Yes
Commercial Use     Yes Yes
Suburban Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rural   Yes Yes Yes
Hard carry case Incl.     Yes Yes
12 inch bar Yes      
14 inch bar   Yes    
16 inch bar     Yes  
18 inch bar       Yes
Oregon Chain     Yes Yes
H/Duty Cast Alloy Sprocket cover     Yes Yes