What's the best Duratech machine for me

Choosing a Lawnmower

We have come up with the following table to assist you in choosing which lawnmower may best suit your personal requirements. This table is a guide only and has been based on matching your minimum requirements to the lowest cost option. Upgrading to a higher specification machine than your minimum as defined by the table is even better and will make mowing your lawn even easier.

Did you know that the average Australian house block is becoming smaller over time? The average size of a house block for Australian Capital Cities dropped from 800sqm in 1993/94 to 735sqm in 2003/04. For the purpose of the table below, we will call an average sized house block 750sqm. The old quarter acre block or just over 1000sqm is now a medium to large house block.

Click headings to view specs Taurus DRM196 Avenger DRM206 Advantage DRM216 Professional DRM226
Commercial Use Yes   Yes Yes
Small to average size block to 750sqm Yes Yes    
Average to large 750sqm - 3000sqm     Yes Yes
Rust proof deck Yes   Yes Yes
Standard quality cut   Yes    
Premium quality cut Yes   Yes Yes
Damp grass catching Yes   Yes Yes
Narrow access ways to lawns Yes Yes    
Light weight requirement Yes Yes    
Push mower Yes      
Self propelled   Yes Yes Yes
Flat to moderately sloping terrain   Yes    
Flat to hilly terrain     Yes Yes
Blade braking safety technology     Yes  
Honda GXV commercial grade engine Yes Yes Yes Yes