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Buy a Duratech Powerhouse WD20 Fire Pump today

Buy a Duratech Powerhouse WD20 Fire Pump today


Specification Chart

Model Code WD20
User Rural
Engine Model Honda GX160 4 Stroke
Engine Displacement 163cc
Power Output 5.5 hp @ 3600rpm
Torque 7.6ft lbs @ 2500rpm
Max Total Head 65m
Max Suction Head 7m
Capacity Approx 500L/min
Fuel Capacity 3.0L
Fuel Type Unleaded


12 month engine + 12 month impeller + 12 month frame

See Warranty and Spares for details.

Industry Price Guide

Industry Price Guide – We encourage you to go to your local dealer and ask how much a fire pump with a genuine Honda GX160 engine retails for? Does over $800.00 sound expensive? Now Duratech Power Equipment has the answer to your problems.

Product Description

The Powerhouse WD20 Fire Pump is designed specifically for the Aussie farmer. It’s compact enough to lift onto a ute or trailer but powerful enough to transfer water quickly and efficiently. Pump from your dam, water your trees or fight a decent fire. Every rural property large or small should have a Duratech Powerhouse WD20 in the shed.

Don’t spend $800 for a high profile brand and don’t spend $300 for a cheap imitation. There are lots of big claims made about imitation pumps capable of pumping 110m of head etc, however is it of any value to you is the question to ask yourself, and the answer in 99% of cases is unquestionably no.

Without any doubt the most important thing when buying a Fire Pump is to get a machine that will start quickly and easily when and where you need it. With the Honda GX160 horizontal shaft commercial engine you can be confident of that happening. Don’t take the risk with anything else. There is only one engine you should have on a fire pump and that engine is a genuine Honda.

Duratech Power equipment developed the Powerhouse WD20 to have a triple outlet metal fitting that will give you maximum flexibility and durability. It features two 1 inch outlets for fitting fire fighting or watering hoses and one 1.5 inch outlet that can be used for transfer pumping.

The Fire pump also comes complete with a heavy duty steel protection cage. The Powerhouse WD20 Fire Pump is a high quality machine built to do a very important task when and where you need it.