How to buy Duratech Power Equipment

Buying directly from Duratech Power Equipment

Buy using Paypal

To buy from Duratech Power Equipment directly you will need to firstly make sure you have selected the correct item that you would like to purchase and then make sure that you have selected the correct delivery region according to the dropdown menu. You will then need to select a shipping instruction and enter your email address so that we can contact you to arrange delivery. Click on the Buy Now button and it will take you to the Paypal website where you can proceed to check out.

Once on the Paypal website just follow the prompts and your payment will be processed. You may pay by Credit Card in this way without registering for a PayPal account. Make sure you then fill out your delivery address.

Buy using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

On the 'buy now' page, we will supply you with our banking details so that you can deposit the funds to our account. You will need to identify your surname in the detail to be recorded on the payees (our) bank statement when you pay so that we can identify you. Please ensure that you note your freight region and the total payable for that region. Then all you need to do is send us a quick email at letting us know the following:

  1. That you have made a payment via EFT;
  2. The model you have purchased;
  3. Your surname so we can match it to the surname that you left on our bank statement;
  4. Your delivery address and phone number; and
  5. Your shipping instructions

Once we receive payment (PayPal is almost immediate, EFT can be 24-48hours depending on your bank) we will then contact you via email to arrange delivery.

We will attempt to send your purchase on the very next delivery run leaving our store. Expected delivery time will depend on your location, and also needs to take into account public holidays etc. Typically you should expect your machine within 2-5 working days.

Buying directly from Duratech Power Equipment using a cheque or money order

Email us at and tell us what machine you would like to purchase, your name, the delivery address and your phone number. We will then ask that you Express Post a cheque or Money Order for the full amount via post (keep your express post tracking number). On receipt of the Cheque or Money Order it will then be banked and when the funds are cleared we will contact you again to arrange delivery. It’s that easy.