Three reasons why you should choose Duratech Power Equipment

Selling Self Propelled or Self Push Honda engined Lawnmowers, Powerful 2 stroke and 4 stroke Brushcutters, Powerful 2 stroke Chainsaws and industry leading 2 stroke and 4 stroke Water and Fire Pumps

1. Value for money

At Duratech Power Equipment we have attempted to provide you the best value for money without exception. We may not be the cheapest or the dearest on the market, but when you compare the combinations of quality, features and price, we are sure that you will be unable to go past our products. We are able to offer you fantastic value for money because of the following 3 reasons:

Market Research

We have made sure that the specifications of our machines are better or on par with the high profile brands. All Duratech Power Equipment models are packed with features that people want. In value for money terms we have given you more for less. Extensive market research means that we know the products that you want and what you consider a fair price to pay. Duratech made the strategic decision to pack as many quality features into our models as possible even though this means significantly reduced profitability compared to the established players. We consider this our best form of advertising because if you are impressed with your new machine you will tell your friends about us! It’s our strategy to successfully gain market share and provide the public with what they want at a price that they can actually afford.

Online Sales

The business environment has changed in recent years. Online purchasing is becoming more and more popular and accessible to Australian families. Duratech Power Equipment made the strategic decision to commit to the online sales approach. The no pressure, maximum convenience and user friendly way of buying all from the comfort of your home has become a phenomenon. It’s a booming industry not thought possible even 15 years ago. By selling and marketing our products online it means we have far lower overheads than if we were to open a retail distribution network. Less rent, less staff, less infrastructure and less administration equals far lower overheads. Our lean structure and simple way of doing business means we can offer our products for very competitive prices and pass our savings on to the consumer to make Duratech Power Equipment the best value for money available.

International Competitiveness

Duratech has looked abroad to find the best quality and best value manufacturing available for our model range. We have gone to great lengths to source genuine Honda engines from Honda’s international facilities to bring you renowned engine technology from Honda but at the most affordable prices. The combination of affordable but high quality manufacture of our components, and the best quality engines available equals big savings for our customers. We have used the international market to bring you an internationally competitive product and all this from an Australian owned and operated enterprise. It means fantastic value for money for customers and a great outcome for Australia, because unlike the bulk of our competitors our profits stay right here in Australia.

2. Quality built for Australian conditions

Duratech Power Equipment is completely confident that you will be extremely happy with the quality of our product. We have designed Duratech Power Equipment for tough Australian conditions and we assure you parity with the highest profile brands available. Product Development: Duratech Power Equipment prides itself on being an innovator. We have given our machines plenty of attention to detail in their development meaning that our end product is very well designed. We are also developing new products all the time that will make your life easier.

Please take some time to read and compare our specifications to that of established high profile brands – you will not be disappointed. Our Lawnmowers for example are built to last. They are very solid machines and in many cases are slightly heavier than similar spec machines of other brands. We have not skimped on the quality, thickness of the materials used or any other item. We are offering great quality at a fantastic price.

3. Competitive Challenge

We note that Duratech Power Equipment is in no way affiliated with Honda Australia Motorcycle and Power Equipment Pty Ltd and as such Duratech Power Equipment challenges you to compare our products with that of other brands. We have gone about setting a new benchmark in value for money and we will let you decide if we are the winners! If you think that you can find a better quality machine for the money, then we want to know about it.